One Voice for Choice


    STOP THE STUPAK AMENDMENT!  Women’s reproductive rights are not a bargaining chip.  FIREDOG LAKE HAS CREATED “One Voice For Choice”   Please be sure to bring your cell phone and a charger.  If you’d like to set up your own phone bank click here.  Type a user name where it says ONEVOICEFORCHOICE Click on […]

More Civil Disbodience in LA – Join the Fight

{youtubejw}gMcOXi-WApE{/youtubejw} Film by Lyn Goldfarb & Dustin Slaughter A Note from the Organizers of the October 15th sit-in: It was amazing to see such a spirited turnout at our Oct. 15th Health Care Sit-in. You saw Democracy in Action, now we’re asking you to become part of that action and make MEDICARE FOR ALL a […]

Civil Disobedience in LA

{youtubejw}gMcOXi-WApE{/youtubejw} Film by Lyn Goldfarb & Dustin Slaughter TUESDAY OCTOBER 20  (Starting at 7:00 a.m. and ending at 1:00 pm)  Join us from as we roam Los Angeles County North to South and East to West to rally in support of Health Insurance Reform and the Public Option.  Help us deliver a strong message to […]

Sick for Profit: Spotlight CIGNA

The Media has placed their focus on the wingnuts and fringe of the anti Health Care reform movement.  The coverage of the atrocities committed by these corporations thriving off human suffering just isn’t sexy enough.   Well, we say, it’s time to change the conversation.  These are the people paying legislators, denying coverage and rationing our health care.  Watch […]

From Brave New Films

Robert Greenwald’s team at Brave New Films have joined forces with Former Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich to bring us the Truth about the Public Option, Round 2.   It’s not complicated, it’s not scary, it’s real, necessary, and life saving.  SPREAD THE WORD, TAKE ACTION  

The Public Option in 3 minutes

From the Newly indoctrinated Organizer Robert Reich.  His message to us… CALL THE PRESIDENT CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES