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A Note from the Organizers of the October 15th sit-in:

It was amazing to see such a spirited turnout at our Oct. 15th Health Care Sit-in. You saw Democracy in Action, now we’re asking you to become part of that action and make MEDICARE FOR ALL a reality! Our next Sit-In will take place on Wednesday, October 28, 10am – Noon, At CIGNA Headquarters 400 N. BRAND BLVD. GLENDALE, CA 

My name is Laura Flanagan and I will be coordinating the sit-in in Los Angeles on October 28. I am a volunteer organizer with the Center for the Working Poor, which specializes in coordinating non-violent civil disobedience actions and is one of the initiating groups for the HealthCare For All campaign. I am writing to you because you signed up at our previous rally as one of the courageous individuals in California who is ready to participate at a sit-in for healthcare for all.

If you are willing to risk arrest, want to learn more before making that decision, or want to protest in another capacity please join us at one of our upcoming Action planning & Non-violence training sessions. I was arrested for the first time last Thursday as part of the LA 12. It was a decision that came with many emotions attached. But as we chanted ‘This is what Democracy looks like!’ I knew it was what Democracy looks like. AND what it feels like…and that feeling is GOOD.

We have three Action planning & Non-violence training sessions before Oct. 28th, we’d love for you to attend one or more. We will discuss, create, implement and train for the following needs:

Non-violence Sit-in training: In most cases, being arrested in an act of nonviolent civil disobedience is a safe but challenging experience. Because the police can’t always be counted on to be reasonable and we may face thing we didn’t predict, it’s important to prepare to minimize risk and discomfort. We will go over what to expect and how to prepare.

Non-violence Rally Monitors: help us maintain our mission of non-violence by volunteering as crowd wranglers and police/crowd liaisons.
Legal Support point person: work with our legal team as our person on the outside once arrests have been made. Collect information & belongings of our brothers and sisters who are arrested. Stay in contact with the legal team and local organizer as to the current status of those arrested.

Media Relations volunteers: prep participants on talking points & for interviews; adapt & distribute press releases; make pitch calls to press; sign-in and reach out to press at action; record action and create indy documentaries to promote the cause, etc

Action Volunteers: help create banners, posters, etc leading up to Oct. 28th. Legal protest volunteers will lead the rally in chants and songs once the Sit-in has begun.

Mobilization Volunteers: this is something we all can do by telling everyone you know! But we need a few key volunteers to call people who have already expressed an interest in joining our movement.


Monday, October 26th from 6-8pm at the Plaza Methodist Church on Olvera Street near Union Station in Downtown LA. A change from previous meetings at this church, the action prep will take place in the basement, which you access from the west side of the church building. The easiest way to arrive during rush hour is to take the metro to Union Station and then walk across the street to the Methodist Church. If you are driving, there is a parking lot at the corner of N. Los Angeles Street and Arcadia St. off Alameda. Click here for a map of the area.

Please join us even if you are just thinking about doing the sit-in or want to support it. Invite your friends, or anyone that is interested to show up to a non-violence training as soon as you can. If you cannot make the training, just call me or email me, and I will update you with action details.

It is urgent that we send this message to everyone we know who wants to change our broken health care system. Forward this message to everyone you know, and encourage them to sign the pledge at
Medicare For All!

Laura Flanagan
Organizer – Mobilize For Healthcare For All
C 305.542.3570

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