Voter Reg Basics

Voter Registration

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Voter Registration Basics

Location – Try to think of a place with plenty of pedestrian foot traffic and with plenty of folks who may need to update their registrations.

Candidate Gear – Feel free to sport your candidates gear loud and proud. In California, it is legal for voter registration drives to be conducted by partisan organizations. But remember, you will be representing the your candidate so be respectful of all members of the community.

Tables – Tables can be a nice way to encourage passers-by to stop and register, but don’t worry if you haven’t had time to acquire a table for this event. A friendly smile and a stack of voter registration forms are all you need to register voters. Stand outside of a grocery store or walk along Melrose avenue speaking to anyone you can.

Who Can Register? – In California, you must be a California resident and US citizen and at least 18 years of age by the time of the next election. Felons who are no longer on parole MAY register to vote. Remember, just because someone is already registered doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t need to fill out a registration card! Every time you move you have to re-register. If someone wants to change their political party, they need to re-register. Voters who change their name need to re-register as well.

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