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LA Grassroots 4 Obama  

LAG4O Election Picks
June 5th 2012

Why Vote?

Because it matters!  You can’t complain about your world without participating in its governance.
Please Vote
Get educated.  Make a difference. 
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We are an all-volunteer based group dedicated to serving the needs of our community and our fellow activists. President Barack Obama has inspired and trained us to take action; to be our government.


Our team works closely with both the Southern California grassroots community and the National Obama Campaign.
Our mission is to help fellow activists come together and continue the Change we started. We believe that through civic engagement comes personal empowerment.

Dear Team LAG4O,

It’s a crazy time we’re living in.  Europe is exploding as regular citizens are taking a stand and saying no to austerity measures. They are saying no to the elected officials who support them and they are saying they have had enough in their votes.  


We quite frankly need to do the same.  The Neo-con’s have taken over the chicken coup and standing on the sidelines is simply not an option.


Local and state races have traditionally low voter turnout partially because people forget that these are the very people that end up in DC.  Irritated Democrats sit elections out.  Well, as you know, we get what we all don’t vote for because decisions ARE made by those who show up. It’s not just a great quote from the West Wing!


Dems outnumber reeps by 10% so it is always mystifying (well not really) when a reep takes a seat.  


So what do we do?  We encourage and support new progressives who run for office.  And we vote.  We vote for the most progressive candidate regardless what the “party” says and we get our friends and family to do the same. 


So in that spirit, here our picks for the June 5th Election.   In addition, we have created the LAG4O Spotlight on a Candidate for you to learn about some candidates we believe in.





Torie is the real deal.  We like to think of her as our Elizabeth Warren and that says a lot.  
Torie is a 27 year resident of her District and a life long Champion of Civil rights and Social Justice.  She is the only candidate truly qualified to represent the very progressive AD 50.
What should have been a slam dunk for Torie, has turned into one of the most contentious races in years.  When the the district boundaries were re-drawn through redistricting, Betsy Butler, now re-drawn to to AD 66, decided that she didn’t want to do battle against the mean old tea bagger candidate Nathan Mintz (the same tea bagger she beat to win her current assembly seat.) and decided to run in the safe district and against Torie.
Grassroots and progressive leaders all made impassioned pleas to Butler and her people, assuring and offering full support if Butler would remain in her district and continue to work for the same  



Andrew & Ingrid Lachman

Andrew has worked his way up through the political process the old fashioned grassroots way, walking, talking and meeting with folks every day.  


He has become the go to guy for all things Democratic.  He has an amazing understanding of the process and politics of office but has never lost his progressive beliefs.  


While the west-side and Berman-Sherman race have received so much attention, there is a real race going on the San Fernando Valley for the open 46th Assembly District (Sherman Oaks, Valley Village, Studio City, Van Nuys, North Hills & Lake Balboa).


There’s been flood of Republican and special interest money in the race from outside groups, including several “Democrats” who are 


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Al needs our help!  He is the only Democrat who stood up and took on the challenge of running in the newly re-districted and red AD 66 when Betsy Butler abandoned her district and her constituents to run a against Torie Osborn in AD 50.  He is running against Tea Party candidate Nathan Mintz who was beaten by Betsy Butler in her first term.


He served as President of the Torrance School Board in 2009. During Al’s tenure on the school board, Torrance Unified has maintained its status as a high-achieving school district despite state budget cuts, consistently delivered a balanced budget of up to $200 million, and 

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Bobby is the underdog in this race and is the ONLY true progressive running. Despite this, Carmen Trutanich, the man who wanted to make it a mandatory 1 year sentence for organizers who dared protest in the streets is being endorsed by the LA Country Federation of Labor and an out of touch Gerry Brown.  We think our own “austerity measures” and status quo have to go.  


In a very short time, Trutanich has turned our city into litigation central effectively forcing constiuents to have to sue to make any substantive changes or removing corruption from their 


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