Vote for Change Project


On May 10th, over 400 people came out from all over greater Los Angeles to register people to vote.

The Register for Change” event was a smashing success! Click the link to see photos of the event.

Hundreds of volunteers registered almost 900 new voters throughout Los Angeles and Santa Barbara county.

Congratulations to everyone! Stellar job!

Obama Supporters were treated to an amazing list of talented speakers, breakfast, materials & training, lunch,
camaraderie and live music!

Special Guest Speakers in order of appearance were:

Stephanie Miller
Joy Atkinson
Tatyana Ali
Councilmember Richard Alarcon
Jasmine Guy
Gardena Councilmember Steven Bradford
SEIU 721 President Annelle Grajeda
Hill Harper
Councilmember Bernard Parks
Kerry Washington
CA Deputy Campaign Manager & Political Director for Obama for America, Vincent Harris
Senator Mark Ridley-Thomas
Janet Robin

For the first time people are deciding to participate in what their government looks like. THEY are the change they’ve been waiting for.

We would also like to congratulate and thank the volunteer organizers of the event. They were given only two weeks to pull everything and everyone together and they performed miracles.

Shayne Adamski
Hope Aguilar
Amy Amsterdam
Ben Arnon
Steve Belhumeur
Amy Berg
Kristin Bungart
Angelina Burnett
Clare Carey
Erin Finley
Patrick Furey
Russell Glober
James Hansen
Heather Hemmons
Jenita Igwealor
Jeffalyn Johnson
Betty Johnson
Brian Keare
Houston King
Judi Laing
Franchesca McCaffrey
Stan Moroncini
Eileen Parker
Andy Perry
Mike Petzold
Kirstin Pierce
Christopher Quinn
Hope Wood Romanus
Lee Ann Schneider
Matt Simon
Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein
Jazz Smollet
Jurnee Smollett
Mary Jane Stevenson
Sue Swan
Laura Velkei
Victoria von Szeliski


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