Spotlight on a Candidate – Joe Bray-Ali CD 1

We decided to let Joe speak for himself because honestly, we couldn’t have said it any better.

That’s us for the incumbent.


This city has been designed to prevent normal human interaction, happiness, and productive economic activity that isn’t in service to some regional economic interests. A local church in Highland Park had to struggle against multiple city agencies simply to provide shelter and assistance to the people in the community experiencing homelessness. I myself have been harassed by Parks employees for daring to show up with my daughter at a playground with a broom in my hand – which I used to sweep up the trash left behind from the vendors operating without permits in the parks selling candy and ice cream. When neighbors walk down the streets, their friendly greetings are drowned out by the roar of traffic, or their attention is focused on not being run down by an errant motorist, or avoiding massive cracks in the pavement. Small businesses are harangued by every city agency, homeowners are denied permits to build a small rental addition to their homes, while massive interest free loans are floated to corporate investment firms building as big and as much as they please.

The anti-human nature of Los Angeles city government must be addressed head on. People in this city do not feel that the law is being applied equally, and do not feel themselves a part of the system, they do not see the good life being promoted. I am running to re-humanize local government in the first district and the city as a whole.


Cedillo has been a train wreck for CD 1, reversing policy made by previous administrations that enhanced and protected constituents claiming it actually helped them!  His refusal to protect communities from mega businesses like the Dodgers has endangered constituents and patrons alike.

Requests for assistance goes repeatedly unanswered and CD 1 has zero presence at the Neighborhood Council meetings further proving that the opinion of the community leadership and its constituents are irrelevant to his office.

Supporting the Dream Act is not the role of City Council Member. It is posturing to immigrant communities for a vote leaving those same immigrants twisting in the wind.   CD 1 Constituents deserve better than gangster tactics and bad policy.

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