“Meet Nori , California Closed Project”

We want to thank everyone who signed the Courage Campaign petition and who rallied behind the “Meet Nori , California Closed Project”.

An unprecedented 17,000 signatures were gathered in less than 36 hrs and delivered to our legislators and the “California Closed” video generated the same astounding numbers.  Sadly all but one of our Democratic Leaders voted fairly unanimously to vote for the Republican Budget.  The one small win for activists was the “no” vote on the oil drilling in Santa Barbara. 

Democratic “Leaders” will need to take a hard look at this decision and explain why a democratic MAJORITY voted for this budget.  It’s not a budget they wrote nor was it one they believed in, nor was it a budget their constituents supported, yet still they voted “aye”.  Oddly, only a handful of Republicans voted for their own budget.  Just enough to pass it. Hmmmm, we smell a strategy here.  Maybe for 2010? Just one lone Democrat, Senator Gil Cedillo had the courage to say no.  When you have a moment, please thank Senator Cedillo for standing strong for California, for you and for Nori.

A very special thanks to Laura Velkei and Marta Evry for sharing this very special with action with us.  We hope they will do more and continue their path of Change for California.  We were honored to have been even a small part of this extraordinary project. 

You are your Government.  Decisions are made by those who show up. 

The Gang at LAG4O


Haven’t seen “California Closed”? Click the link to view the video.

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