Post Election – What Now

Thanks to all of you getting the word out, the message to PG&E and Mercury Insurance was that our CA elections can’t be bought.
LA, had a much better than expected turnout, but only because the expectation was so low.
LA is literally the largest county in CA, yet out of all the counties, we came in second to last above San Bernardino in voter turnout.  Sorry SB.
The reason this is important is that come November, Meg Whitman’s millions will be combined with the GOP.  Ballot measures will be critical for increased revenues, civil rights and a real ability to govern.
There are approximately 36 million people (as of 2009) that live in CA of which 16,977,031 are registered to vote or 47% of the population.
Yesterday, 4,227,070 in CA cast their votes.  That’s 24.9% of registered voters or even more shocking, 11% of the entire state of CA.
11% of the population made the decisions for everyone else.  Makes you think.
Absentee ballots are the smartest option available to people.  Ballots arrive a month in advance, and you can take the time in the comfort of your own home to peel the onion back.
Can you make a committment to register just two of your friends absentee?  Let us know, don’t let us know, just do something.  You can sit your friends and family down, go to the Secretary of State website, fill out the form online, check absentee, they’ll send it to you in the mail to sign, sign it, mail it back and your done.
Be the Change
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