Newsletter 5/16/11

LA Grassroots 4 Obama  

May 17th Election Day

Why Vote?

Because it matters!  You can’t complain about your world without participating in its governance.
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Dear Laura,

In a few hours, voters in CD 36 will decide whether their district continues the past corporatist representation or makes the change to a more progressive path.


Debra Bowen, our Secretary of State or Janice Hahn, LA City Council Member. 


Debra has been in a leader in voter reform and education, Janice has successfully lobbied to send grieving family’s to collections for untimely payments of ambulance bills.


Debra successfully helped to pass legislative bill AB 1624 a landmark legislation making all of California’s bill information available on the Internet. Janice was chastised by colleagues for accepting 24,000 from oil companies.  We’re sure that the 24,000 in contributions had no impact on Hahn’s decision to vote no on taxing oil companies.   


You’ve read the bogus campaign material claiming all the negative campaigning from Debra… we’re still looking for those mailers…







If you want to help, the campaign will need volunteers all day Tuesday. Please call the campaign headquarters at (310) 212-6792 to find out how you can help! Debra is also having a big election night party in Torrance, at 1321 Restaurant, 1321 Sartori Ave.


The party starts at 8pm. 



We are an all-volunteer based group dedicated to serving the needs of our community and our fellow activists. President Barack Obama has inspired and trained us to take action; to be our government.

Our team works closely with both the Southern California grassroots community and the National Obama Campaign.
Our mission is to help fellow activists come together and continue the Change we started. We believe that through civic engagement comes personal empowerment.


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