May 19th Election Results

May 19th – CA Statewide Election Results
A Big Day for Voters!

Thanks to everyone who helped get the word out about the May 19th election.  The voter turnout increased to 17.39%

The Registrar’s office is still counting votes, so the results for Council District 5 race and the results for Palmdale’s Measure B, Term Limits could be affected. 

Unofficial Results 

Too Close to Call:

Los Angeles City Council Dist. 5

David Vahedi

Despite Koretz’ negative mailers and thousands of special interest dollars, Paul was only able to pull out a 335 vote lead.  There are still approximately 5,000 absentee and provisional ballots yet to be counted so it ain’t over yet!!  New numbers should start coming in on Friday.  We’ll keep you posted


Measure B – Palmdale – Reversal of Term Limits This is an interesting one to watch for LA.  Term limits have had a distastrous impact in the quality of work being done by elected officials as up to half the time spent is being spent campaigning for the next election.  Term limits really only help in the short term and we should all carefully consider removing term limits here.  More to come.

32nd Congressional District (Moves to General)

with 31.90% of votes
Judy Chu

26th State Senate District

with 70.44% of votes
Curren Price

Los Angeles City Attorney

with 55.74% of the votes
Carmen “Nuch” Trutanich 

Los Angeles Community College District Seat 2

with 54.19% of the votes
Tina Park

Los Angeles Community College District Seat 6

with 61.48% of the votes
Nancy Pearlman

Ballot Measures
1A – 1E, NO

Measures  1A – 1E were trounced  with an average of 67% of voters saying no way.
1F – YES What’s the message here?

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