Health Care in America

Bill Moyers took on Single Payer this past Friday with some eye opening facts. Relegated to the fringe and dubbed as socialized medicine, Single Payer appears to be none of the above. The Journal brings some real experts to the table to discuss the viability of Single Payer and the roadblocks placed before it discussing the lack of coverage by the media, blow hard republicans preaching doom and gloom (our words not his)as well as the powerful insurance lobbies sparing no expense to make sure they stay in business.

Please take a moment to view these powerful and enlightening interviews.

The Legislature California passed a universal health care bill for the state which would have provided health care for 38 million residents, without worry of being denied coverage, without begging for treatment, without filing for bankruptcy. The bill introduced by former State Senator Sheila Kuehl passed both houses…twice and was vetoed by the Governor… twice.

What will you do?

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