Even Republicans want Health Care for All Americans!

President Obama, is sliding on Health Care Reform.  Yup, that’s what we said.  Tell him this is not acceptable!  We asked for Change, we voted for Change, we demand Change.  Change does not mean putting more “change” in the pockets of Insurance Companies. 

Get angry, get loud, get active.

Call the President and tell him:

1) That you will NOT settle for anything less than a strong public option and that the only people who DON’T want Health Care for All Americans are Washington bureaucrats.  We settled when we agreed to support you on a public option and not Single Payer

2)  Tell him he is dangerously close to losing the support of not only his base, but the millions of Independents and Republicans that voted for him.

3) Tell him how long and hard you worked for him

4) Tell him he must publicly come out for a strong public option.

Not to be melodramatic, but our very lives depend on it. 

Rationed Care, denial of coverage, and quite literally, death, is the lay of the land. 

How much more abuse are you willing to take before you take a stand against your captor/oppressor?


Call your President and hold his feet to the fire:

(202) 456-1111  Comments Line

(202) 456-1414  Switchboard

(202) 456-2461  FAX


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