Back in Black on Nazi’s

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Bill Moyers and The Journal Retires

  Bill Moyers on Retiring from the JOURNAL Thanks to all of you who wrote to express your disappointment and dismay at hearing me say last week that the JOURNAL will be coming to an end with the April 30th broadcast. My team and I were touched by your messages, but I want to disabuse […]

Meg Whitman’s California Circus

DO YOU WANT IT TO BE YOURS? Not even Republicans could want this! Republicans have had long enough! California cannot afford another bogus politician who pretends to care about our state. The Republicans are “caring” California right into the bancruptcy lines. Vote Democratic! Vote Brown

Watch the Video-Health Care Reform with Bill Moyers

{flv}Bill Moyers Journal . Watch Listen PBS{/flv} Bill Moyers interview with Wendell Potter, former Vice President of Cigna Health.  This is a must see and tells the shocking truth of how Insurance companies will say and do anything to keep Health Care for all an American fantasy. BILL MOYERS: You know, there’s an irony, because […]