“Meet Nori , California Closed Project”

We want to thank everyone who signed the Courage Campaign petition and who rallied behind the “Meet Nori , California Closed Project”. An unprecedented 17,000 signatures were gathered in less than 36 hrs and delivered to our legislators and the “California Closed” video generated the same astounding numbers.  Sadly all but one of our Democratic Leaders voted fairly unanimously […]

VOTE NO on the Republican Budget

CALL YOUR REPS NOW!  Tell them tovote NO on the Republican Budget. 1) Go to the Courage Campaign website and sign their petition 2) Call YOUR OWN Assembly member and State Senator and tell them to vote NO on this budget. Don’t know who they are? Go to this link to find out and to […]

Nori’s Story

My name is Laura Velkei and I want you to meet my neighbor, Nori.   A bright and fiercely independent woman, Nori put herself through college and made a modest living as a jewelry designer – just enough for a small one-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles, plus a few extras.   When I met her […]

Lawmakers Target City & County Coffers to Close the Budget Gap

California lawmakers target city, county funds to close budget gap By Jim Sanders jsanders@sacbee.com Published: Friday, Jul. 17, 2009 California cities and counties will take a multibillion-dollar hit to help close the state’s massive budget gap. Closed-door negotiations between Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and legislative leaders are targeting city and county coffers to help bridge a […]

Watch the Video-Health Care Reform with Bill Moyers

{flv}Bill Moyers Journal . Watch Listen PBS{/flv} Bill Moyers interview with Wendell Potter, former Vice President of Cigna Health.  This is a must see and tells the shocking truth of how Insurance companies will say and do anything to keep Health Care for all an American fantasy. BILL MOYERS: You know, there’s an irony, because […]


Please join us in supporting Speaker Bass to stop the insanity in the Governor’s House.  Tell him CUTTING VITAL SERVICES IS NOT AN OPTION. We CAN do better.  The Governor does not care what the outcome of this budget crisis will do for California.  He’s termed out and no one wants him back.  But that […]


CALIFORNIA BUDGET CRISIS   The condition of the financing for this state has hit critical mass.  Because Republican Legislators, including a full abstention from Rep. Maldonado in Santa Maria, the current iteration was defeated at midnight the other night.    This utter inaction and stubbornness from the Republican members of the Senate to uphold the Guv’s edict has caused an […]

Sample Letter to Feinstein

    Your Name Your Address Your City, State Zip Your email Your Phone     June ______, 2009   Senator Diane Feinstein  United States Senate 331 Hart Senate Office Building Washington, D.C. 20510 Phone: (202) 224-3841  RE:  I Support a strong and comprehensive Public Health Care Option   Dear Senator Feinstein:   I am very […]