Sample Letter to Feinstein

    Your Name Your Address Your City, State Zip Your email Your Phone     June ______, 2009   Senator Diane Feinstein  United States Senate 331 Hart Senate Office Building Washington, D.C. 20510 Phone: (202) 224-3841  RE:  I Support a strong and comprehensive Public Health Care Option   Dear Senator Feinstein:   I am very […]

Health Care Organizing Goddess, Debra Evans

I support a Public Health Care Option – STEP 2 UPDATE

We will keep at this till our Blue Dogs Support a strong Public Option – Sunday, July 18th 6-9  New time and Location below ACTION ALERT! Call Blue Dog Dems In California Who Threaten To Derail Health Care Reform! We have three Blue Dog Democrats right here in California who signed on to join forces […]

Strong Public Option Health Care Group

I support a Public Health Care Option – STEP 2 UPDATE

An amazing success! Thanks to all the amazing new and veteran organziers who showed up to the Phone bank. Over 820 calls were made to constituents in the Tri-Committee’s targeted Districts.  Of the 820 calls made, the phone bank gods and goddesses made contact with just over 15% Of that 15%, 100 people happily agreed […]

I support a Public Health Care Option – STEP 2

Call Constituents in targeted disctricts and ask them to call The Tri-Committee: Health care reform is now being debated in Congress. In the House, the so-called  Tri-Committee   (made up of Ways & Means, Energy & Commerce, and the Committee on Education & Labor) produced a health care bill a couple of weeks ago, which is being […]

I Support a Public Health Care Option – STEP 1

Change doesn’t come easy and this is being demonstrated daily by the elected Officials we put into office. If we do not make a our voices heard, we could lose the opportunity to have Health Care for EVERYONE.  Please be a part of the change! Here are some disturbing statistics: Nearly 9 million Americans have […]

Health Care in America

Bill Moyers took on Single Payer this past Friday with some eye opening facts. Relegated to the fringe and dubbed as socialized medicine, Single Payer appears to be none of the above. The Journal brings some real experts to the table to discuss the viability of Single Payer and the roadblocks placed before it discussing […]