The Dream Shall Never Die

Last night we lost a legend, a mentor, a leader a friend.   He stepped out of the shadow of his famous brothers and battled many personal demons to become one of our finest examples of an elected leader. Senator Kennedy dedicated his life to fighting for Health Care, Equal Rights, and fare wages.   […]

Stop Insurance companies! THEY manage our care! Not our Doctors!

Stop the Unpatriotic Attack on The American Plan! Insurance companies are doing their worst, spreading lies in an attempt to maintain their profits and keep Americans from getting the care they so desperately need. You, our citizens, must be the heroes. Stand up, and speak up, for an American Plan! Today we were forwarded an […]

The PolicySpeak Disaster for Health Care

George Lakoff is a Professor of Linguistics at UC Berkely.  Please read, learn, and start changing the dialogue! by George Lakoff Wed Aug 19, 2009 at 10:25:18 PM PDT Barack Obama ran the best-organized and best-framed presidential campaign in history. How is it possible that the same people who did so well in the campaign […]

Head Butt

Schiff vs The Tea Baggers

What you are witnessing here is a head butt attack of one of our own.  Click on the image to read the story.

The FIGHT is on!

Let’s get this Health Care thing done once and for all. TAKE ACTION NOW!

Take real action for Health Care Reform

August is here, our Lawmakers are returning to their home districts, and Republican operatives and tea-baggers are organizing to intimidate and bully them into defeating our last, best hope for comprehensive health care reform. “Senators and Congressmen will come back in September afraid to vote against us,” South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint bragged to supporters, […]

Watch the Video-Health Care Reform with Bill Moyers

{flv}Bill Moyers Journal . Watch Listen PBS{/flv} Bill Moyers interview with Wendell Potter, former Vice President of Cigna Health.  This is a must see and tells the shocking truth of how Insurance companies will say and do anything to keep Health Care for all an American fantasy. BILL MOYERS: You know, there’s an irony, because […]

Sample Letter to Boxer

  Your Name Your Address Your City, State Zip Your email Your Phone     June ______, 2009   Senator Barbara Boxer United States Senate Washington D.C. 112 Hart Senate Office Building Washington, D.C. 20510    RE:  I Support a strong and comprehensive Public Health Care Option   Dear Senator Boxer:   I am very concerned […]